Many homeowners have asked what is a central vacuum system? This is the system that is basically built-in and integrated throughout your whole property. The central vacuum system you to vacuum faster and more conveniently than before. 

There are three main elements of a central vacuum system:

  1. Vacuum power unit typically located in a utility room, garage, or basement
  2. A concealed 50 MM ducting network throughout the property connecting a series of centrally placed vacuum inlets.
  3. A cleaning house instead of cleaning tools and accessories.

How does a central vacuum system work? PCV ducting is installed within the walls and floors to carry out dust, dirt, and allergens. These elements are removed, away from the living area to a collection bed. The collection bed is the central power unit which is usually located in a garage or utility room. A lightweight hose is inserted into the wall inlets and the vacuum power unit starts automatically. You are able to easily move between rooms to do your vacuum without looking wrong lugging around a portable vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning your home has never been easier with the central vacuum system. It might be a good investment for your home and family.

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