With so many devices in electronics being used by all in the family, it seems like there are never enough wall sockets even in newly built homes. Power strips and adapters are simple solutions. But you might feel a little worried about loading your outlets with these multi-prong devices. Let’s take a look at the safety behind some of the shortcuts to power.

A power strip is a block of outlets attached to a cord; a multi-outlet adapter is a block of outlets you plug directly into the wall receptacle. It should be noted that a power strip is not a surge protector.

When you sparingly power strips can give additional access to light load appliances like computers and lamps. 

Some common misuses of power strips are the following:

  • Using a power strip for an excessive amount of appliances all at once
  • Plugging multiple strips into one receptacle
  • Using a strip to power high-voltage devices like refrigerators or space heaters

Be sure to observe andy flickering lights, crackling sounds coming from the outlets, and discolored outlet plates. These are all warning signs of overload.

Power strips can generate heat because they are driving amounts of electricity from the log receptacle. Inspect your strips, if your power strips are frayed or discolored throw them out immediately.

Stay safe, and remember power strips are a quick short-term solution. They are not designed to operate as permanent electrical fixtures.

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