Dallas Home Inspection

Garages are great – there are an awesome space to store things, work on your car, keep your tools, have a “man-cave” or just hang out with your friends and family. It also protects our vehicles and other things from storms and other weather as it happens. Garages are great, but they also come with a bit of danger if we are not careful though.

For instance, garages are one of the most common areas for house fires. Fires often start in garages for many reasons, but can be connected to stored chemicals, space heaters, electrical hazards, and other instances. So what can you do to keep your home safe?

First, store chemicals in the proper containers that are labeled for that particular chemical. Never let oil-soaked rags sit around – instead, clean them immediately if possible. Never do any “creative electrical work”… We will just leave that one right there. Someone needs to read the electrical part again – and you know who you are.

Also, make sure that if you have an attached garage that you have a proper firewall and a proper fire rated door between your home and the garage.

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